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SUPERMOG! by David Elvar

April 3, 2010

Just a little weekend quickie post on a quickie read. David Elvar’s SUPERMOG! is a 1K, 4-5 page childrens’ story I downloaded for free from Smashwords to keep in my device for a child-amusing emergency. These come up fairly often and I had opportunity to use it while my daughter and I waited in the car while my husband went into a store for something the other night.

SUPERMOG! is narrated by a delightful cat and tells a cute story of an occasion where a quest for fish pie forced his partner in crime into the role of reluctant superhero.

I can see this being a great story with the right illustrations and my daughter, sitting in the back seat, did ask to see the pictures. But alas, there were none. The writing itself does paint vivid pictures of the events as well as the kind of heavy foreshadowing that creates great anticipation of for the ending of the story. I thought the language was a little advanced for my 5 year old, though the humorous concept was right at her level. I don’t mind challenging her, but wonder if she would have enjoyed it more if it had been a little simpler.

I’m giving this Three Cookies (out of a possible 4) because I thought it was very cute and well told. And it sure saved me from some bored kid whining. I’ll probably check out more of David Elvar.


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