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The Last Celtic Witch by Lyn Armstrong

April 6, 2010

Lyn Armstrong’s novella of just under 40K words, The Last Celtic Witch is the first of her “Celtic Series” which currently has 3 other stories.

The story is about a woman named Adela MacAye who, having had a vision of her own death, determines to bring a child into the world to continue her magical bloodline before her fate comes to pass. She asks her magic to aid her in this and take her to the man who can father that child. But he has his own problems…

Our hero, Phillip Roberts, is destined to become the laird of his powerful Highland clan. If there’s anything left of it. His lands and people are under constant attack by the Campbells, led by the greedy Lady Torella. Phillip’s only hope for peace is an alliance with Lady Torella, but it will take a love potion to get the lady to agree. And for that, Phillip will have to find himself a witch.

It’s a solid story, well plotted and well paced. While it took me a while to get used to the period feel of the voice (no heavy brogue or anything, just that old-fashioned flavor that can make things seem just a bit lavender until you get used to it), I found the writing itself to be nothing less than high-quality and professional. The world was very well depicted, with nice details and interesting magical elements, without becoming bogged down in too much description.

Gotta add a content warning: this is an erotic romance. While sex doesn’t take over the story (like it does in a lot of erotic romance), sexual energy plays a big role in both the romance and in the character of the antagonist. Scenes are explicit and some warning tags for your prude filter would be: anal play, menage (m/f/m), m/m, f/f, and the barest hint of bondage. But at its core the story remains a romance with good tension and conflict.

I’m giving this novella a Three Cookie rating (out of a possible 4). I really liked it, was engaged by the characters and story, and it was an enjoyable way to pass a few hours. It was absolutely worth what I paid for it and I will probably read more in this series. Lyn Armstrong’s Celtic Series is published through Resplendence Publishing (which I’m told we are calling a Boutique publisher). They sell eformats and trade paperbacks directly from their site as well as through other retailers (see their FAQ for more info). I got mine at Fictionwise.


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