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April 9, 2010

Just a quick round up of posts today relating to the state if the industry, shamelessly snagged from Nathan Bransford’s This Week In Publishing (thanks for sharing Nathan!).

Former Random House CEO Peter Olson has a great post about the mindset of publishers who he perceives as “scared” of the coming e-book era. Olson: “In a sense, many book publishers are trying to buy time, to postpone a reckoning with reality.”   Yep, they are really propping up flagging print sales with inflated ebook prices.

TeleRead wonders if the iBooks will be publisher’s Waterloo.  In a nutshell, the big 5 are placing all their eggs in Apple’s basket and if it doesn’t live up to their expectations, well they’ve gone and burned a lotta bridges behind them.

And holy moly, did you know the iPad weighs a pound and a half?  Who wants to hold a “book” that weighs that much for any length of time.  Not me.

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