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About ATFE

It’s a good time to be a reader.

Ever notice when you go shopping that everything looks the same?

I hate my hairbrush. Let’s see, I can choose from company I know I hate A or company I know I hate B. Greeeaaat.

Every ten feet there’s strip mall with the same lousy stores with the same mass-produced stuff, much of which is crap, that you already know is not what you’re looking for. Because you’re different, right?

So where do you go? Online of course, where you can Google anything your heart desires. You can import your own mass-produced but slightly more interesting crap, or you can find the ultimate, handmade, one of kind piece of crap you’ve always dreamed of.

I don’t know when crap became my metaphor for life or whatever, but just stick with me.

We no longer have to listen to whatever the radio stations will play and the music shops will sell us. We don’t have wear a short skirt just because some leg-man at some magazine declared it “The Year of the Mini”, that’s all they seem to have at the Galleria, and only in this season’s toxic-waste inspired color palette.  You see where I’m going with this.

So why should we feel like we have to read only what NY editors tell us is good?

It’s partly because when we get something that’s made it to print, we can be fairly certain it’s met some kind of minimum standard of quality.  But I think we all know that that standard can be p-r-e-t-t-y low.  It can also be pretty great, which is why we keep searching the bookstore shelves for great reads–even when it a lot of it seems mass-produced–and much of it is crap.

The fact is, there’s so much more out there than what a few corporations think will sell at any given moment. For example, what if you love period stories, but the parts of history that interest you most didn’t happen in Regency England, nor in the Highlands?

Ebooks can offer us anything under the sun. Anyone can publish anything at any time. (And yay for authors who own the digital rights to their out-of-print titles and actually get those out for us!) And, in the case of the truly self-published author, can offer us stories at any price. Bonus: all this is available for our instant gratification with no shipping fees or waiting for the mail to arrive.

The problem with ebooks released by small electronic publishers and self-published by individuals, is that there’s really no telling if you’re going to get what you were hoping for–or what you never knew you always wanted–or, sadly more likely, something that’s so bad it makes you want to cry for the time and money you spent on it.  But hey, hasn’t that ever happened to you with a print book too?

Anyway, that’s mainly what this blog is about. Finding the e-reads that are out there and telling you if they’re worth it.

If we think they’re worth it.

Understand that reviews are completely subjective and that everyone has different tastes. We’re not even going to pretend to be objective.  In fact you may find that if I hated a book and couldn’t make it through the first 20 pages, that means you’re probably going to enjoy it. That’s great. That’s what it’s about.

If we didn’t like something and you want to comment and say Hey, I really liked that book because…  That’s totally cool. But we’re not a debate team–we didn’t even screw them in high school–and we’re not going to fight over this stuff. Want to express your own opinion? Go make your own blog.

I hope (really hope) that we’re going to find you some great e-reads, inspire you to give more indies their shot, and support the good ones with your posts, tweets, dollars, etc. And for those of you who enjoy your ebooks on pricey reading devices, we hope to save you, especially, from some wall-bangers. Because that can get expensive.


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