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Some interesting stuff and places we like:


Publish or Perish by Ken Auletta in The New Yorker, some history on what’s been going on with devices, prices, etc. A long, but thorough article with some interesting stuff

Kindle Numbers by JA Konrath from his fab blog, in which he shares and compares actual sales data of his independent and traditionally published work

5 Ways the Google Book Settlement Will Change the Future of Reading by Annalee Newitz,, a detailed and fascinating account of that whole business about Google scanning all the books. What happened, how it stands now, what it might mean going forward.


MobileRead Forums Any question you have answered, anything you ever wanted to know about ebooks, devices, formats… Some brilliant gadget gurus hangin’ out here.


Print Is Eternal by JA Konrath, from his blog, a meeting of Obsolete Anonymous, in which the Print Industry is welcomed as a new member by current members such as VHS, LP, Ma Bell, and others.

More as we think of them…

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