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Our Rating System

Here at ATFE we’re using a 5 point rating scale, but one that goes from 0-4. Because we’ve all been frustrated when we want to leave a review on Amazon and we have to give a gold star to something that doesn’t deserve any.  So…

0- Crummy- Just hated it. Barely worthy of crumbs.

1- One Cookie- I didn’t like it, but here’s a cookie just for playing

2- Two Cookies- Meh. Didn’t like it, but it wasn’t a bad book. The standard one for each hand is all you get.

3- Three Cookies- I liked it! You get one for each hand, one for your mouth, and thanks for a good story.

4- Four Cookies- I loved it! You rock. Have a stack of four cookies. Can I get you some milk with that? *fangirl* Thanks for a great read!!

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