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Saucy Belle

I’m a late comer to e-books.  I’m one of those people who waxed poetic about loving my dead tree books and how they’re going to have to pry them from my cold, dead hands.

In February I bought a Nook.

I also got an iPhone.

I read a lot more now in places that having a dead tree book (which does not fit into my current purse) is not always possible.  Stuck in line at Wal-mart.  Stuck in a boring meeting.  It’s a lot more subtle and accepted to be messing around on your phone (hey, you could be taking NOTES!) than to pull out a paperback and blatantly ignore the speaker.

I admit it.  I was seduced by the power of e.  Why?

Well, a HUGE part of it is the whole concept of instant gratification.  I live in a small Southern town without a decent bookstore, so most of my book shopping is done online (or when I travel to places that DO have decent bookstores).  Online shopping means waiting for things to ship.  Even with my Amazon Prime account, two days is sometimes not fast enough.  E-books eliminate the wait.  I buy it.  I download it.  I can read immediately.

The other big selling point for me is that the library is getting a pretty good network of e-books.  I can download them to my Nook.  Read them.  Then they just expire.  I don’t have to remember due dates or waste gas actually going downtown to the library, where they may or may not have what I’m in the mood for (plus, that whole small Southern town thing means that quite often they don’t have what I’m in the mood for–they’re weird about the paranormal.  You will not find the Black Dagger Brotherhood on shelves here.).  So, bonus.

And then there is the seduction of FREE or cheap.  Contrary to big publisher’s idiotic assumptions, I am NOT going to pay $9.99 + for an e-book.  Sorry, but no.  But there is a huge plethora of free or cheap reads being offered each month, both from publishers trying to lure new fans to their authors and from authors who independently publish their work.  Certainly a lot of this stuff may be total drek.  That’s where we come in.

We’re here to tell you what we’ve read that IS drek and what we’ve read that are diamonds in the proverbial rough.  Maybe you’ll agree with us, maybe you won’t.  But we hope to at least offer up some info that will make your decision a more informed one.

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